MSP Practitioner


Course Description

The MSP Practitioner Level proves you have sufficient understanding to apply the MSP Guidance.

The MSP Practitioner Certification demonstrates you have achieved sufficient knowledge and understanding of the MSP guide and can act as an informed member of a programme management group.

The MSP Practitioner Certificate is also a pre-requisite for individuals wishing to achieve the MSP Advanced Practitioner Qualification and for becoming programme management professional.

MSP Practitioners are required to be re-registered within 3-5 years from their original certification.

Who is MSP Practitioner for?

MSP Practitioner is suitable for Project Managers, Business Change Managers, experts and advisers working within a programme office, as well as for other specialists/governance roles involved in supporting programmes following the MSP guidance. The certification is also valuable for SROs and those wishing to pursue higher level certifications (e.g. Programme Managers) and those aspiring to become programme management professionals in the future.

Get more valuable skills

Equip yourself with a highly-demanded certification in Programme Management

Learn how to apply MSP

Understand the MSP guidance well enough to apply it to your own work and be able to act as an informed member of a programme management team

Get set for the future

MSP Practitioner is the prerequisite for higher levels of Programme Management certifications, like MSP Advanced Practitioner

Course Content

Time: 10 hours

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